Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who is for you.

Day by day I hear people wanting more and more help disaster relief, welfare, even someone to tell you how to think. I wonder if any of these people ask what or how am I paying for all of this. Simple math informs us that all equations balance out. People "forget" elementary math (2+2=4) and bend our personal reality to give us the perception that the Federal Government is our benefactor. We are not alone in our efforts the Federal Government wants to foster this idea also. I ask you to remember that the ones running our country are people. People with families…. Big long held historic families. The same forces that you and I are driven by drive them. So I ask why would they give you anything for free. Why would they disadvantage themselves or their families. They control the money, and the power what type of saint are you all relying on them to be. I am not implying that they are evil or uncaring but I am saying that they would not give you a stranger anything they would give they own first. So if they are giving you the money, aid or advice what do they take. Not that I have the answer but it is an interesting question.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Hello World

This is a desperate cry from the wasteland that is the political landscape that we have inherited. Even with my limited understanding of what I have seen for the few years that make up my life, I now see much of the world for the farce that it "truly" is. We live in a world crafted by the few for the manipulation of the many. Please do not mistake this for a conspiracy theory rant. I have progress beyond that simplistic understanding. I now know that it is multiple different faction who will cooperate, compete and even all out war. Not all their goals are in line with each other, point in-fact the ultimate goal of most of the groups (families) is to be on top or in control. This would lend to certain factionalism, maybe one would ponder if it would not end up exposing the whole thing. Well look throughout history and you will see the mistakes and mishandling of this conflict. Although it is often difficult to even guess whom the players might have actually been. Time and the hand of the victor obfuscate history. But you can track families that have held tight together and institutions that they attend both for learning and for socialization. As you start to observe history feuds give way to wars, families give way to governments, and personalization falls to nationalization. Thus the methods of hiding get more complex and the political landscape becomes for difficult to see through. I speak out to see if maybe I can impart some knowledge to those still lost and receive guidance from those future along the path then I.